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Also, a pope will be forced to flee the Vatican and Rome when a bright star blazes in the sky for seven days.

Could this be Comet ISON, due to arrive in November 2013?

Then again, it could be a slain Pope Francis, a victim of the Rose Prophecy, even though his name does not in any way relate to the anagram or real name of "Mabus." Lastly, it could be former South African president, Nelson Mandela, who has been having a lot of health scares of late.This page will feature prophecies by Nostradamus that may be on the road to being fulfilled this year or sometime during the next several years.This page will also serve as a red alert to world events not being covered by the mainstream press, seen through the prism of prophecy. Even so, I have seen the base 7 datings I provide occur square on the month during the repetition of some major events.The military campaigns pertaining to the Aemathien in the quatrains do not fit him very well though.Reevaluating the significance of both "Dawn" and "Sun," we are reminded that since the sun rises in the East at "dawn," we can actually go a bit further and say the Aemathien France and Belgium ("Gaul") will tremble at this.

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Not in any modern historical context has this situation ever occurred.

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