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Even if they lack something in the looks or experience departments, they make it up with their ballsy attitude.

Now, it works in the opposite direction as well – some people prefer young chicks that are oh-so "pure" and "innocent". They are shocked once they see their partner naked, they can be low-energy, as long as they look innocent enough.

Everyone is obsessed with staying/being young these days.

Call it superficial, call it whatever, but it won't change any time soon. Maybe you should invest your money in some Botox injections as well, see if the world treats you different?

There's nothing worse than complete lack of enthusiasm.

With these young chicks, they have so much energy, raw passion – it's incredible.

The most popular genre in recent years is porn with young girls.

So, it's obvious that everyone wants to stay young, watch young people going at it.

That's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this particular brand of porn.

Just give the pigtails or braces, that should do the trick.

Actually, some enjoy when young girls that start out innocent and end up being complete and utter sluts who are way freakier than the partner could have imagined.

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