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Even occasional or short-term exposure can take a toll on the body. Quitting isn't easy because smoking is highly addictive.But plenty of programs and people can help you kick the habit.Because most of FDA’s regulatory requirements are staggered, there is actually little that goes into effect today and even less that will directly affect consumers, but the new provisions that prohibit free samples are one of those few provisions.

Most importantly, the government has now begun regulating cigars on a serious level.

In theory, there are supposed to be no new cigars without FDA approval after Aug. Many manufacturers have added what we have referred to as These are new products that were quietly shipped to select retailers in small quantities prior to today so that manufacturers could show sales of the product before Aug. They will be introduced in public and full terms at later dates.

Some manufacturers have boasted about having hundreds of these types of products, waiting in the wings to be introduced over the coming years.

While it won’t affect things like , it will legally bar anyone in the cigar industry from giving a cigar to a consumer before a sale has taken place.

Today marks a few important dates: 12 months for advertising plans and user fees to go into effect, 18 months before substantial equivalence exemption applications are due, 24 months before warning labels will be required and substantial equivalence applications are due and 36 months before any non-grandfathered product will be required to either submit an application remove their product from the market.

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At least in theory, it works like this: a manufacturer applies for substantial equivalence of a product—likely spending thousands of dollars in legal, lab and administrative fees in the process—gets FDA approval and then can introduce a new product.