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Arguably his most famous painting, Guernica, was created in this period.The powerful, anti war painting has influences of Cubism, Classicism and Surrealism combined. In his later years, Picasso became more and more prolific.Woman with Mandolin, 1910, is quite a difficult painting to decipher, but this is Cubism at its most extreme.Picasso also introduced collage into his work, and objects such as newspapers and food wrapping can be seen stuck onto canvases in places.His subjects were sombre and often detached, and he captured images of beggars, prostitutes, the frail, blind and poor.

The flattening of form is taken further in Picasso’s Cubism Period, 1909 to 1912.In Picasso’s final years he painted hundreds of pieces, meticulously dating each one almost like a diary of his last days on earth.These are simple, sometimes childish works that often stare death in the face.He was also influenced by Henri Matisse, who was exhibiting at that time.The Old Guitarist, painted in 1903, shows Picasso’s understanding and sympathies of those downtrodden by their circumstances.

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Influences came from African sculptures, and from Paul Gauguin and Paul Cezanne.