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Bulgaria is much safer than Russia with much less violent crime on the streets.

If you are looking for a younger woman to date try and keep the age difference between you to no more than 13 years for Bulgarian ladies and 16 years for Russian ladies.Bulgarian women are less likely to have professional photos; they are more likely to take a few quick snapshots with their web cam.Many profiles of single Bulgarian girls will have low quality pictures and the girls will be much better looking in real life.If you are looking for a Russian wife, a Russian lady to marry, or a so called "mail order bride" then you will find that most of the Russian women are on this site for that purpose only.Bulgarian girls usually have computers at home and will reply your messages faster and tend to invite you to video chat on Skype, while the Russian females will take longer to answer and are interested in a more formal correspondence by letters.

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The reason for the slight difference in dating is the imbalance in the population in Russia; due to sheer lack of men it is simply harder to find a husband for Russian brides or Russian women.

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