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Presenter: Betty Hollstegge Session 2: High Impact T1D Elite athletes from Team Novo Nordisk, including a cyclist and tri-athlete, will share their inspirational stories about persevering with T1D without breaking a sweat.

Presenters: Chrysa Malosh & Ryan Nichols Get inspired and hear about the latest advances in JDRF-funded research and how JDRF is making a difference in transforming the research landscape and accelerating the pace to curing, treating and preventing T1D.

Before that, they just sat there, much like their uncle and their step-uncle do when they can't figure out what to build for the day.

Kimberley - A Northern Cape farmer, his wife and daughter were killed on a farm near Griekwastad on Good Friday Police were investigating a triple murder after the bodies of Deon Steenkamp, his wife Christelle and 14-year-old daughter Marthella were found at Naauwhoek Farm at around on Friday. The bodies were discovered by the couple's 17-year-old* son Don.

Presenter: Carol Oxenreiter Dealing with health insurance can be challenging for anyone, especially if you’re dealing with T1D.

Presenters: Tom Webb, Jamie Gindele & Carla Leader Session 2: Make a Difference Becoming a diabetes advocate can be a great way to make a real impact.

The following characters have appeared in every episode of the series to this point.

(The exceptions being "Isabella and the Temple of Sap" in which Heinz Doofenshmirtz and Francis Monogram were replaced by Professor Poofenplotz and Wanda Acronym, Major Monogram was replaced by Wanda Acronym in Bee Story, although Doofenshmirtz still made an appearance, and Candace Flynn not appearing in "Bully Bromance Breakup", "Road to Danville", "Bee Story" and "Doof 101"; Heinz Doofenshmirtz does not appear in "Ferb TV' but talks during credits.

He was lost one night when he floated away, Heinz tried to grab him but his father told him to stay still because he was being a lawn gnome.

The Ba-dink-a-dinks are a race of blue-skinned humanoids who lived under the Har D Har Toy Company's Danville factory.

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She is madly in love with Jeremy who recently became her boyfriend.

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