Sam heuston dating

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Sam heuston dating

My parents had recently sold the large detached house in Emley, Huddersfield, where I grew up, to move into a luxurious bungalow that my father, Paul, a construction manager, had designed and built himself.

It's so strange to think that just over a year ago, when I applied to be on the show, I felt much like any other teenager.

The train was a fast service to Manchester with no stops, so I had to sit there for two hours before I could turn back - but I would have moved mountains to get to the next round. It convinced me I must be someone special, and the further down the line I got, the more puffed up I became.

This reached its peak on April 29 last year when a Big Brother production assistant phoned while I was in the bathroom getting ready for a night out with my friends. I mumbled yes, desperately trying to contain the excitement rising within me.

As far as I was concerned, it was a guaranteed ticket to fame and a fabulous life.

I've always admired the past winners of these programmes - they've been ordinary people like me who just had the good fortune of getting a lucky break - just think of Girls Aloud, Pop Idol winner Will Young or former Big Brother winner Kate Lawler. My entire family went with me to the first round of auditions in Newcastle.

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