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The 2.8 million-square-foot ‘Apple Park’ campus was originally commissioned by the late Steve Jobs in 2009.

Jobs called it 'the best office building in the world' and the current Apple CEO, Tim Cook, now refers to it as a 'gift' to the future of Apple employees.

'He was hurt but he still went to work the next day.

Uninvited to the ball, he drove the third or fourth iteration of his same black sports car to Next, where he and his team were quietly inventing the platform on which Tim Berners-Lee would write the program for the World Wide Web.' 'I suppose it’s not quite accurate to call the death of someone who lived with cancer for years unexpected, but Steve’s death was unexpected for us,' she said, recalling the phone call she received to hurry to his home.'Tuesday morning, he called me to ask me to hurry up to Palo Alto.

His first broadcast was in 1941, when he was serving with the RAF.

He led RAF Swing Stars and played and arranged for the RAF Bomber Command Dance Orchestra.

In 1955 Race became light music adviser to Associated Rediffusion, remaining in the post until 1960, when he went on to conduct for many television series, including the Tony Hancock and Peter Sellers shows.

He found them to be "two sad people with a sort of blankness at the centre".

To begin the event, CEO Tim Cook took the stage with a tribute to late Apple founder Steve Jobs.

In 1946 he became a freelance pianist, arranger and composer.

Race first came to notice on BBC children's television in 1953, in the magazine programme Whirligig, a miscellany of items that introduced a generation of postwar children to puppet favourites such as Hank the cowboy and Mr Turnip.

'It is the honor of a lifetime to be the first to welcome you to the Steve Jobs theater - Steve meant so much to me, and so much to all of us,' Cook said as a portrait of Jobs displayed on the screen behind him.‘There’s not a day we don’t think of him.''Memories have come rushing back as we prepared for today.'‘It’s taken time, but we can now reflect on him with joy instead of sadness.

Steve's spirit and timeless philosophy on life will always be the DNA of apple.''His greatest gift and appreciation for humanity would not be a single product, but rather, Apple itself.''We dedicate this theater because we loved him, and he loved days like this.''We do so not only to pay tribute to Steve, but to inspire the next generation of creators and innovators.' 'Over a decade ago, he began to work on a new campus - His vision was to create an incredible workplace of the future'‘Today and always, we honor him’'He thought deeply about our workplace and its surroundings and they should inspire talented people to do their best work.' The 2.8 million-square-foot ‘Apple Park’ campus was originally commissioned by the late Steve Jobs in 2009.

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He also won an Ivor Novello Award for his composition Nicola (named after his daughter).